Tree Trimming

Trees on your property are your responsibility, and in fact, the city can require you to do maintenance on your trees that are becoming a hazard to those around you. If you do not do the maintenance, they city WILL issues fines, clean up the problem themselves, and then bill you for the work. Limbs getting too near power lines, branches encroaching on the road and obstructing trucks, leaves from branches blocking the view of road signs… all of these situations (and more) can easily get the city on your back. We can remove these problems by removing the instigator… the branches that have overgrown… and all at a reasonable cost.

Tree Removal

Tree removal falls into one of two situations… required for safety or wanted for aesthetics. The number one reason for tree removal is if it is diseased, dying, or dead and presents a safety hazard to the area around it – especially houses. The next most common reasons are poor placement or the wrong choice of tree in the first place. Poor placement can cause tree roots to impact sewer lines, driveways, or fences to just mention a few. The wrong tree choice can lead to the tree having grown too large for the areas it is in. If you are unsure if your tree NEEDS to be removed, we can help. Give us a call and we would be happy to come by and give you an assessment.

Hedge Trimming

Trimming your hedges is not just about whacking away at limbs. This first and most important step in proper hedge maintenance is having the right hedge cutting machine for the job. The proper machine will not only make the work easier, but it will create less stress for the hedge ensuring proper growth. You also need to understand the particular hedge you are trimming and its needs. How deep should you cut? At what time of year? Do you even know the name of that hedge running up your front walk? STS Tree Service is an expert organization who can handle all these details for you so that you can enjoy your signature centerpiece of your residential landscape.

Stump Removal

Stump removal… you are probably checking us out for one of two reasons – you can either do it and don’t have the time or you are unsure how to remove a stump. The first is easy. Do you have the time and energy to remove that stump on your own with whatever makeshift equipment you can cobble together? The second situation is scarier… if you have never removed a stump, we at STS suggest you check out YouTube and see all the broken trucks, tractors, and bones involved with stump removal. Save yourself the time, energy, and pain… give Affordable Tree Service a call for an estimate on removing that stump.